#151 Pink Legendary Balloon Enamel Pins

#151 Pink Legendary Balloon Enamel Pins

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Pin Details:

  • ~1.75"
  • Gold Metal Plating
  • Hard Enamel
  • Double rubber backings (black)
  • Ships with backing card in bubble mailer
  • Screen-printed Details 

Standard Grade pins are the highest grade I offer and may have minor cosmetic imperfections (not visible at arm's length). I try to be picky about what I let through, and there may be a little wear and tear from the mail/post! Examples of expected Standard Grade imperfections: Minor scuffs or scratches on metal, Almost invisible specks in enamel

Seconds pins: Seconds pins are pins with noticeable flaws sold at a discount price. Examples of expected Seconds Grade imperfections: Small smudges and/or staining, Small Unfilled/Overfilled areas, Some oxidization of the metal, Noticeable/deep scratches, Low fills in larger or visually important areas, Dust or Dents in the Enamel *Seconds may not come with a backing card!