*Pre-Order* Lucky Cat Red Envelope

*Pre-Order* Lucky Cat Red Envelope

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*Pre-orders will ship by January 30, 2024*

Red envelopes, known as 'hongbao' in Mandarin, 'laisee' in Cantonese, and 'li xi' in Vietnamese, are filled with money and traditionally given as gifts during Lunar New Year or other special occasions (weddings, graduation, childbirth). The color red symbolizes good luck, and the red envelope represents auspicious blessings that ward off old age and evil spirits.

The Chinese character Fu (福), the symbol on the front of the red envelope, means happiness, blessing and good fortune~! The lucky cat (or the beckoning cat), is believed to bring good luck.

In Chinese culture, the amount of money inside the envelope usually ends with an even digit, and avoids the number 4 (which sounds like death in Chinese). The number 8 symbolizes wealth and prosperity.


  • ~6.7" x 3.35"
  • Made of thick, premium cardstock
  • Printed
  • Gold foil stamped
  • Hello Dawn Co logo foiled on back